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Strategic thinking is essential to your healthy business growth

There are 2 ways to increase sales:

  1. Increase the number of customers who buy from you
  2. Increase the number of times your existing customers buy from you

I’m going to give you a secret here the so called ‘guru’s’ don’t want you to know.

Increasing your sales and ultimately your revenue and profits is really not rocket science. Behind all the strategies which we teach,  there is one fundamental truth.

Increasing sales is purely a numbers game.

The only question is how smartly do you want to play the game?

If you do nothing else this year but speak to an extra 100 people each month about buying your product or service you will increase the amount of sales you get this year. Even if you really really suck at converting clients!

If you also increase the amount of times you communicate to your existing customers about other products and services you have available for them, you will increase the amount of times they buy from you. Therefore increasing how much each customer is worth to you (Customer Lifetime Value), one of the key leverage points of growing a business.

Wow, ground breaking information right there in black and white!

It’s basic stuff, but seriously most business owners simply aren’t talking to their existing customers and potential n

ew customers enough. If only they would, they would increase their sales and grow their business.

This is one way to play the numbers game. Go out, hustle and speak to an extra 100 people per month either through Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, Telephone or the good old fashioned way of knocking on doors.

business-presentation-authority-marketingThe problem with playing the game this way, is it can be tough. It takes a hell of lot of effort and is completely inefficient.

You are going to have to deal with a lot of rejection to find those buyers, you are going to have to master your mindset, stay hungry, stay enthusiast and keep yourself going until you find the handful of customers out of the 100 who by chance are ready to buy.

You will get results but man you better be good at motivating yourself and full of beans 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week.

This is how I started in business, knocking on random doors selling energy contracts on the streets of Australia. It taught me some great lessons in business and life that have been invaluable. That said I would not recommend this method to anyone starting out in business today. There is a much smarter and efficient way which will also generate way better results for you.

There is a much smarter and efficient way which will also generate way better results for you.

The second way to play this game is to attract your potential customers to you and only have conversations/communications with these people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service.

This way you can have the same amount of conversations, same effort, massively different results. Your conversion rate should be anything in between one in two, to one in five depending on your market, product or service, competition and your ability to sell and convert leads to customers. Thats 20-50 sales each month compared with 5-10 sales (if your lucky) speaking to 100 random cold leads.

By building systems which generates leads and funnels which help you convert those leads you can get rid of the time wasters and focus your time and efforts on people who genuinely are interested in the product or service you have to offer.

Same efforts, much better results and ultimately more sales and profits.

This is clearly a much smarter strategy. The drawback? It can take some time and resource to speak to 100 individual leads each month. Your going to need a great follow up system to follow up with these potential customers to make sure none slip through the net.

Results can be fantastic but you are going to need resource and be on your game consistently.

Same efforts, much better results and ultimately more sales and profits.


The third way to play this game can be a game changer for your business.

Communicate to all 100 leads at the same time by hosting a webinar online or an event offline. This way you can deliver one killer presentation of your product or service and have customers lining up to buy from you.

You only have one presentation to do rather than 100, and this way you are not capped at how many people you can present to each month, you could have 200 people listening to your presentation which will not only free up a lot of your time but will give you even better results as well.

You could use that free time to travel, attend seminars and events, spend time with your family, give back to your community, work out, take up a new hobby or work on your business.

Do you see how powerful strategic thinking can be for the growth of your business.

You can generate 10X the results you are currently getting with less effort, less time and less resource.

Remember if your in business you are playing the numbers game. Make a decision today how you are going to play this game. The decision is yours.

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